Kelly Bensimon Shares Some "Kelly-Time" At Her 40-Something Birthday At The Gates

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 4, 2009

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    We got to experience "Kelly-time" first hand this past Friday, at Kelly Bensimon's Birthday party, held at the Gates, the latest Chelsea hot spot. The entrance, which literally looks like a set of midieval gates, led into a lounge of hot guests, signature drinks, and bartenders that were almost as smoking as the fireplace. But most importantly, there was the Birthday girl, holding court in what looked to be some form of shiny Mexican poncho, with strands of beaded fabric down to her knees over a pair of ripped jeans (and I would have put money on her wearing something short and tight). While I didn't get to try one of the cute little cupcakes with Kelly's name and a full body photo of herself on them, I have a funny feeling they weren't cooked up by Chef Bethenny Frankel.

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    Along with Kelly, and Max-Max, you can check out who else was there by going HERE. But I can tell you who was not there: Any of the cast members from the Real Housewives of New York. Looks like the facade is over when the contract's up. Happy Birthday Kelly! Hope that Mexican poncho didn't come with the gift of swine flu!

    Mick Rock showed up.