L'Altruist Presents Protea For The George Malaika Foundation

by GREG KIESER · July 2, 2009

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    To know an event by L'Altruist is to know the distinct combination of two feelings - the elation of having a blast and the fulfillment of doing it for a good cause. Their party last Friday at Citrine, stayed true to that dual goal. Photos tell the story of the 'blast' while the money raised to benefit the Georges Malaika Foundation for girls' education in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo tell the story of the 'good cause'.

    The attendee list included models Noëlla Coursaris and Gelila Bekele, a host of other East and West African designers, stylists and bankers and a contingent of American and European artists, photographers, writers and do-gooders. While DJ mOma provided rump shaking global dance tracks and Vado Diomande performed West African drum and dance, a raffle and silent auction kept the revelers engaged in the cause. In the end, the night will be remembered, both by the attendees and the Congolese girls who are now closer to having their own schoolhouse.