Lauren Conrad And The Mystery Puppy

by CLAIRE WILLETT · July 16, 2008

    Paws for StyleNIcky HIlton

    So Essentially Emily is all aflame over our Bambi-eyed Hills star's conduct at last night's Paws for Style show. Apparently Lauren came dogless, posed briefly with an unknown pooch, ditched said pooch, and then had a "hissy fit/nervous breakdown." Histrionics aside, I'm just curious about the dog. Whose was it? Rumer Willis, Caridee English, and Jeff Corwin all posed with therapy dogs, but Nicky Hilton's was either her own or someone else's. I'm guessing it's hers, as it's wearing shades and looks a bit less terrified than Lauren's.

    Full event write up coming soon!

    [Devorah Rose and Princess Buttercup prepare for Paws for Style]