Loving The LOVE At B Bar

by Rachelle Hruska · August 8, 2008

    the love organization

    Go HERE for more photos from this party by Ben Kaufman.

    What do children's arts, breast cancer awareness, uninsured extreme sport athletes awareness and turtle conservation have in common? They are four causes that are close to the hearts of Gabby Mejia, Lupe Ramos, Miye McCullough, and Katia Tallerico. When I heard of these girls and their Love Vigilantes I was obviously intrigued (who doesn't love extreme sports, turtles, and kids?!). Then I saw the photos from their party at B Bar and fell in love with the Love.

    Why do I always miss out on parties like this? The most inspiring thing about these girls, apart from their dance moves, is that they are showing everyone that you don't have to be part of a large organization to do your part in helping out charities that are important to you. Sometimes it's as simple as creating an invite and throwing a party at B Bar.

    Love Debut partylove partylove

    [The Love Vigilantes]