Mellow Mondays at Hudson Terrace Heals Hangovers From Wild Weekend

by MICHELLE MCKELVEY · July 7, 2009

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    With all the parties, fireworks, BBQs and beaches the 4th of July brought us, it was an absolute necessity that our sunburned skin, healing livers, and raspy voices relax..and what a better place to rejuvenate than at the Hudson Terrace for Mellow Mondays?

    The starlight spotlight of the night was noted NYC Comptroller Candidate, Sal Ejaz, who merrily mingled among giddy guests while engaging in heavy discussions about notorious NYC budgeting and other relevant political topics (all proceeds from the night were donated to his campaign). Guests enjoyed nibbling on complimentary snacks, dabbling in a variety of delicious drinks, gregariously enjoying games of Taboo and Clue, and lavishly listening to live jazz over the sensational sunset over the city skyline. What a picture perfect solution to solving our heavy hangovers and celebrating the last hours of our heavenly holiday weekend. Cheers!