"Port Authority To Palm Beach" By Unruly Heir

by Rachelle Hruska · June 30, 2008

    N Harlem

    Click HERE for more photos of this event by Gradient's Matt Fried.

    In case you haven't caught on, Harlem is in fashion this season. From the Home Base project, to Leroy Neiman's Art Center opening, to the creme de la creme of the "Supper Club" hosting dinners, everyone seems to be heading north. Which is why, when we heard that the trend setters over at Unruly Heir were hosting at party up at N Harlem, we weren't surprised.

    On Thursday, June 26th, SVEDKA Vodka hosted a special shopping event and cocktail party for the Unruly Heir Spring/Summer 2008 collection"Port Authority to Palm Beach" at N Harlem, with a special live performance by Jazz R&B recording artist Jesse Boykins III.

    More story and photos below:

    N Harlem Jesse Boykins IIIGuests mingled around the beautiful bi-level boutique and back garden celebrating the Unruly Heir's exclusive offering at Harlem's premier luxury fashion and lifestyle concept store.

    In addition to reveling at Unruly Heir's latest installation of seerksucker hoodies, fitted plaid blazers, Nantucket red shorts, and slim khaki pants, the party ramped up when the adorable BET-award winning Jesse Boykins III took to the microphone and created his own stage amidst the in-store audience.

    Jauntily clad in all Unruly Heir gear, Jesse worked the crowd into a energetic frenzy with a jazzy and soulful sound reminiscent of early original R&B acts, but with production and writing that is undeniably relevant today.

    N HarlemFollowing the show, each guest left with a copy of Frequency 1 of Gradient Magazine, a new complimentary magazine that chronicles new and avant-garde fashion, arts, furniture, architecture, and people. In addition, guests that spent over $100.00 left with a free Unruly Heir tshirt and bowtie.

    N Harlem's unique mix of local supporters, Columbia students, and uptown dandies came out in droves in addition to downtown scenesters Unruly Heir's own Joey Goodwin, designer Angelina Ulanskas, Richard Bassett, the dashing Morten Davidsen (who sadly left Unruly Heir last week to pursue a career in marketing at a Textile design company), actor/singer Sean Patrick Murray, SNL comic/actor Brett Marcus Coady, Gradient magazine co-founders Matt Fried, Barris, and Alan Vinogradov, and Parker's Creative Director Ronnie Williams.

    Guests took their SVEDKA Cosmos outside to the lush terrace--causing an impromptu garden party in Harlem!

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