SPIN Magazine Brings Girl Talk To Hiro Ballroom For A Sweaty Sandwich Of Coolness

by Rachelle Hruska · May 29, 2009

    [Girl Talk. Photos via SPIN] Last night, I had the pleasure of catching DJ Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, live at Hiro Ballroom for the SPIN Magazine/Canon Party. I was part of a group helping a friend celebrate his 27th birthday, though I ran into dozens of familiar faces.  "Girl Talk: I'm Not A DJ" flashed on the big video screens. Um, yeah ya are. And that's what makes this "concert" so cool...

    It's not even a concert, and yet, it's the most energetic music event I've been to in years.  With a mob of hipsters joining Gillis on stage, this sweaty mess made me feel like I was at the hottest party in the world-and I probably was.

    I had so much fun that I was even able to overlook the fact that everyone there knew how cool they looked. We were all in on the cliche weren't we?