The Naked Cowboy Forgoes Time Square To Attend Izzy Gold's Birthday Party...

by Chelsea Burcz · February 16, 2009

    [The Naked Cowboy Toasts Izzy Gold #2. Photo by NICK HUNT for PMc]

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    As a recent addition to the GofaG team, Friday was my first big night out on the town with my boss (and social butterfly) Rachelle. After the Alexander McQueen for Target event, we stopped by Izzy Gold #2's birthday party (I'm so confused!). The party was packed with tipsy dancing bodies with glasses full of bubbly (most of whom I recognized as  GofaG's favorite faces). There were definitely some characters there, i.e. Grand Master Sung Baek and the Indigo Twins. Let's put it this way, if I could describe the atmosphere for you in just three letters: "WTF?".

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    Some of you may remember the Izzy Gold battle that played out on our site, as well in real life.  And no matter who's team you fall under, both are taking every measure possible to outdo the other one.  Case in point: Izzy Gold #2's Birthday party this Friday.