The Naughty Or Nice Party At Haven AKA The Gossip Girl Holiday Party Part Two

by Rachelle Hruska · December 12, 2008

    [NYC's "Couple of the Moment" Paul Johnson-Calderon and Jules Kirby sharing a "naughty" cocktail]

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    Me: "So this is my first time at Haven, very exciting, I've actually never heard of the place until this party."

    Martin: "Um Gossip Girl totally just filmed their Christmas party here."

    Duh. Talk about keeping up with the Zeitgeist.  The First Annual "Naughty or Nice" Christmas Party was, up until days beforehand, set to be at Bagatelle in Meatpacking.  Hosted by Martin Dawson, along with Valeri Bosler, Elizabeth Meigher, Dabney Mercer, Luigi Tadini, and Liz Walker, the venue was switched to Haven uptown. Thank god it was pouring out, we joked, because there would have been some very unhappy guests waiting in line to get in otherwise, the place was packed!  In my best Gossip Girl attire (winter white dress with purple tights and headband), I mix and mingled with some very jolly socials....

    Tim Garcia, Kristian LaliberteAriel Moses, David Chines, Devorah Rose

    More story and photos below:

    Luigi Tadini, Rachelle HruskaThere were two cocktails being served.  I opted for the "Naughty" one, which was a mixture of rum and some red stuff.  (The "Nice" one was Kahlua maybe?)  Anyway, as if the drinks mattered, more gossip flew around my head than I knew how to process. The guests were trying to channel Blair Waldorf too it seemed.  God, even our photographer, JT White had an emblem encrusted cardigan on.

    Not that I'm going to write any of it.  Stuff like that is only entertaining the first time around I've found.

    It was warm and it was merry,  what else can you ask for in a party?  I also ran into a lot of people I knew, which always helps add to the fun.  Luigi was most graceful, as always.  The guy knows how to work a room better than anyone I've met.  There was Kristian Laliberte and Timo Weiland of course, along with the most talked about "couple" of the town, Jules Kirby (who took the "nice" theme one step further dressing the part of a festive housewife) and Paul Johnson-Calderon. Who else? HMMMM lets see:

    David X Prutting, Chau Ngo, Devorah Rose, Serena Merriman, April Grunow, Ariel Moses, David Chines, David Grunning, oooh Emily Brill (who exchanged pleasantries with me I must add: Me: "I'm uptown finally!!" Emily: "This is uptown to you?"), Megan Zillis, Ariana Ornealas, Derek Fears, Cheri Bowen, David Campbell, and well...there were loads others that I have missed but I'd truck uptown in the rain any day to party with you all.