The Peru Grand Tasting Of Summer '08

by ERIC SPEAR · August 28, 2008

    cynthia paniagua and juan carlos alvarado performing the alcatraz an afro [Cynthia Paniagua and Juan Carlos Alvarado performing the Alcatraz an Afro]

    Go HERE for more photos from this event.

    The "Peru Grand Tasting" of Summer '08 was a raging success from start to finish with amazing food paired with impeccable wines all being served while being entertained by Cynthia Paniagua and Juan Carlos Alvarado. They preformed "The Alcatraz" which is a dance done with flames and is one of Peru's most flirtatious dances!  If you missed it, NO WORRIES!  Representative and host Edgar Perez assures us that "we are not resting, Peru Grand Tasting Fall 2008 is coming, with tasting events in NYC, DC and Boston, on November 2008!"

    In case you didn't know: Peruvian Food is the newest "it" food!

    anca-ciorga-suat-adilova-the-host-edgar-perez-and-ila-nicholsonperuvian causacynthia-paniagua-and-juan-carlos-alvarado-performing-the-marinera-the-most-popular-dance-in-the-peruvian-coast