Pre-Beyonce Concert Cocktail Party Photos

by EVAN MULVIHILL · June 23, 2009

    Lorenzo Martone, Joel Palix, Joey Giuntoli[Lorenzo Martone, Joel Palix, Joey Giuntoli. All photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc.] But at least we spied Lorenzo Martone, Marc Jacob's fiance, partying it up with fashion dude Joey Giuntoli and perfume guy President of Clarins Fragrance Group Joel Palix. Somehow Monsieur Mugler, who was supposed to host the celebration of Beyonce's performance at Madison Square Garden last night, managed to evade photographers' aim. Thierry Mugler, a quasi-retired French fashion guru whose last line debuted in 2003 and who now focuses on fragrances, is creative advisor for Beyonce's "I AM..." World Tour. Some top editors at fashion-y mags, as well as beauty industry professionals, willingly posed for the cameras -- see below.

    Kate Lanphear, Nicole Phelps, Ted HoracioHolly Siegel, Rajni Jacques Elle ed Kate Lanphear, ed Nicole Phelps, T ed Horacio Silva, ed Holly Siegel, Vibe ed Rajni Jacques

    Wendy Gottfried, Danyelle Boilard-PaulKahlana Barfield, Erin Cohen Wendy Gottfried, Danyelle Boilard-Paul, Kahlana Barfield, Erin Cohen

    Victoria KirbyChristopher Barnard, Alexis Bryan Morgan Harper's ed Victoria Kirby, Christopher Barnard, Vanity Fair ed Alexis Bryan Morgan

    UPDATE: So Monsieur Mugler was not even supposed to be at these parties -- rather the idea of Thierry Mugler as creative advisor and costume designer (71 in total!) of Queen Beyonce was being celebrated! Oops! So basically this was just a cocktail party before the Beyonce concert for the press, as a PR rep from People's Revolution informed me. Où était Thierry? "I'm not really sure where he was," said the rep. "But he was never scheduled to appear."