A Members-Only Co-Working Space For The 1% Is Coming To NYC

by Stephanie Maida · August 3, 2022

    If you're a New Yorker of a certain income and social standing, you really never need to rub elbows with anyone outside your tax bracket if you so wish. Between the flashier new arrivals, like Zero Bond, Casa Cipriani, and the Ned NoMad, and all the longstanding legacy clubs, social spaces for the elite, by the elite, are hardly in short supply.

    But even if you can write a check and have your pick of any of the above, well, you still might be in for a challenge at the newest, priciest, and quite possibly most exclusive members' club coming to town.

    Set to open in March 2023, Colette is a self-described "first-of-its-kind, members-only club for the world’s most successful business leaders." It's already being called "a WeWork for the 1%" due to its exorbitant membership fees and luxurious lodgings. 

    While it aims to be, first and foremost, a co-working space (albeit one at the executive suite level), Colette will also boast an on-site restaurant, lounge, and omakase bar for plenty of power lunches and business brokering, all housed within the swanky GM building overlooking Central Park. It also comes complete with in-house support staff. Who needs to pay a personal assistant when you can have concierge on call?

    According to Bloomberg, the concept is being developed by Edmond Safra, a member of the billionaire Safra family, and restaurateur Juan Santa Cruz, to meet the needs of global bigwigs who've either ditched the traditional office model or find themselves frequently traveling without a home base in New York.

    And if you're wondering about the caliber of its potential members? Just take a look at the cost: $125,000 for the initial sign-up fee (which doubles as a re-sellable "share" in the club), along with annual dues of $36,000 (to start).

    That six-figure price tag is certainly one way to filter out the riffraff, but will those who can afford it really pay that much for a glorified WeWork situation? We'll check back in the spring...

    [Photo via Colette.world]