ASMALLWORLD Takes A Look At The Top 100 NYC Socials

by Rachelle Hruska · December 18, 2008

    [Photo via ASW]

    ASMALLWORLD has expanded.  With a couple new additions to their team, including the always lovely Serena Merriman joining Sabine Heller, they have launched their first edition of "ASMALLMAGAZINE" available online to members only.  Within the issue today, there is the article "Remember my name: Top Fame Gamers" in which they take a look at some of the top hundred players from Fame Game (and many writers and contributors on this site) to get the dirt.  Here's what they came up with:

    #7 Kristian Laliberte

    Occupation: Publicist and…well, it’s complicated. Claim to Fame: Tipping off Gawker Low Point: Rumor has it he will star in new reality show Social Heights. High Point: Rumor has it he will star in new reality show Social Heights. Quote: “I want to be New York’s answer to Rachel Zoe.” BFFs: Annabel Vartanian, Devorah Rose, Timo Weiland & the Unruly Heir boyz Origin: Upper middle class, Massachusetts Man Behind the Man: Gawker

    #10 Emma Snowdon-Jones

    Occupation: Wannabe cougar Claim to Fame: Overusing “cheeky monkey” Low Point: Revealing an infection to a reporter during fashion week High Point: Raising well over a million dollars for charity: water Quote: “I’m not British. I’m pretentious.” BFFs: Tracy Stern, Anisha Lakhani, Susan Shin, Lara Rubin Origin: Across the Pond Man Behind the Woman: David Gruning

    #12 Andrew Saffir

    Occupation: Cinema Society king Claim to Fame: Supplanting Peggy Siegal as New York film premiere host-magnate Low Point: Nothing comes to mind. The man is an utter charmer. High Point: Scoring Anna Wintour & her daughter, Bee, during Fashion Week for the premiere of The Duchess Quote: “Cashmere sweaters are a great way to inject colour into an otherwise staid summer wardrobe.” BFFs: Bettina Zilkha Origin: New York Man Behind the Man: Daniel Benedict

    #17 Olivia Palermo

    Occupation: Socialite Claim to Fame: Being pretty Low Point: Errant letter posted on the now-defunct High Point: Boyfriend Johannes Huebl and upcoming reality show The City Quote: “I may be a young girl, but behind every young girl is a powerful father.” BFFs: Um, next question. Origin: Connecticut Man Behind the Woman: Patrick McMullan and Daddy

    #55 Liam McMullan

    Occupation: Boy Claim to Fame: Patrick’s son Low Point: Spencer Morgan’s July 2008 New York Observer profile High Point: He just turned 21. Quote: “I’ve been too high lately to be terrified of anything.” BFFs: Stephanie Wei, Rachelle Hruska, Pops Origin: NYC Man Behind the Man: Patrick McMullan

    #162 Arden Wohl

    Occupation: Filmmaker, social rebel Claim to Fame: Wearer of headbands Low Point: The summer 2008 Ralph Lauren lipstick incident High Point: Her short film Coven, narrated by Leelee Sobieski Quote: “We’re always looking for answers. Some people are looking for it in a socialite maybe.” BFFs: Leelee Sobieski, Mandie Erickson, Genevieve Jones, Tara Subkoff Origin: NYC Woman Behind the Woman: Denise Wohl

    #3 Derek Blasberg

    Occupation: Walker, freelance writer, fashionista and BFF Claim to Fame: Briefly disrupting Paradise, a.k.a Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Low Point: Rumoured to have been briefly suspended from Vogue High Point: Being named a senior editor at Visionaire Quote: “One minute I’m a poor Midwestern student; the next I’m seated between George Clooney and Lindsay Lohan at Bungalow 8.” BFFs: Byrdie Bell, Bonnie Morrison, Lauren Santo Domingo, Mary Kate Olsen Origin: St. Louis, Missouri Man Behind the Man: Lyle Maltz

    #166 David X. Prutting

    Occupation: PMC photographer Claim to Fame: Bad boy of Pat’s pack Low Point: Fell into Alison Sarofim’s pool while on a job High Point: Shooting Michelle Obama for Vogue Quote: “My girlfriend thinks a bandana makes me look cool.” BFFs: Girlfriend Chao Ngo, Cliff Comfort Origin: New Canaan, Connecticut Man Behind the Man: Diego Fuga

    #235 Leven Rambin

    Occupation: Actress Claim to Fame: Being a Lolita Low Point: Anointed as Julia Allison’s ‘little sister’ High Point: Love triangle with Mark Ronson and Hud Morgan Quote: “Levin Rambin is fall TV’s Hot New Faces.” BFFs: Kristian Laliberte, Timo Wieland, Ali Hillfiger Origin: Houston, Texas Man Behind the Woman: Timo Weiland

    #171 Luigi Tadini

    Occupation: Actor, overseer of family jewels as VP of the family business Claim to Fame: Amanda Hearst’s BFF Low Point: Another nice chap—we can’t find any. High Point: Cheerleading for non-profits like Riverkeeper Quote: “My claim to fame? What besides my Nobel, Peabody and Pulitzer? Living the next great American novel of course!” BFFs: Amanda Hearst Origin: Sao Paolo, Brazil Woman Behind the Man: Amanda Hearst

    #34 Devorah Rose

    Occupation: Editor-in-chief of Social Life magazine Claim to Fame: Editor-in-chief of Social Life magazine Low Point: Rumoured to be starring in a reality show, Social Heights, with Kristian Laliberte High Point: Completing an MFA at Columbia Quote: “First and foremost, you need to have a strong sense of grammer.” BFFs: Annabel Vartanian Origin: Newton, MA and Caracas, Venezuela Man Behind the Woman: Kristian Laliberte

    #40 Peter Davis

    Occupation: Freelance writer Claim to Fame: Brother-in-law to Tinsley Mortimer & half-brother to Minnie and Topper Mortimer Low Point: The New York Times article debacle High Point: Winning The New York Observer’s ‘Socialite Slapdown’ Quote: (On his Facebook status) “Peter is not a socialite. He just looks like one.” BFFs: Minnie and Tinsley Origin: Upper East Side Woman Behind the Man: Tinsley Mortimer

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