Anna Delvey Is Getting Deported

by Stephanie Maida · March 15, 2022

    She flew too close to the sun - now she's flying out of the U.S. for good (well, for now).

    Anna Delvey a.k.a. Anna Sorokin a.k.a. New York's Infamous Fake Heiress can't even enjoy her newfound Netflix fame on the streets of her beloved Manhattan. After finally getting released from prison in February 2021, the "not-so-socialite" scammer was swiftly taken into ICE custody on charges of overstaying her visa. 

    She's remained in detention since last March but, according to reports, she's been released and awaits imminent deportation back to Germany, where she moved with her family as a teenager and where her family still lives.

    It sounds like it'll be difficult for her to return to NYC anytime soon to check into her favorite luxury hotels, but, knowing Anna, she'll probably find a way.

    Update: According to the Daily Mail, Anna still remains on U.S. soil as of Tuesday. While she's still set to be deported, the exact date is unclear. Perhaps she still has a chance to become a permanent New Yorker?

    [Photo via @theannadelvey]