Anna Delvey Really Can't Stop Putting Her Foot In Her Mouth...

by Jewels Tauzin · March 11, 2021

    If you’ve been keeping up even a smidge with the Anna Delvey saga, then you're pretty familiar with the fact that she simply cannot be stopped. And to be clear, we so do not mean that in a good way.

    Following her release from prison, the fake Heiress has been giving the world some truly bizarre, not at all surprising soundbites

    Recently, the German scammer sat down with BBC Newsnight, and well, here's just a few of the gems she gave them.

    “Crime pays, in a way.” I mean, no - no it doesn't.

    "The prosecution totally misrepresented my motives. They said I paraded around New York, posing as an heiress. What happened was strictly between me and financial institutions, it was none of their business. They portrayed me as a wannabe socialite party girl and that was never my goal.” Beg to differ.

    "Others portrayed me as someone very manipulative, which I don't think I am. I was never too nice of a person. I was never trying to talk my way into anything. I just told people what I wanted and they gave it to me, or I would move on." Oof, where to start?!

    "I am writing my book, I have my NFT, and my merch, and prison reform. I am trying to turn the attention I am getting into something positive." AKA "some money for myself."

    Can't look away from this car crash? Check out her exclusive interview with The Sunday Times in their new podcast, a companion to a feature on her titled "Sorry, Not Sorry," and including such gems as "Sociopath? I see it as a compliment."

    Also, if there's any part of you that thinks this girl is at all in touch with reality, I'm just going to leave this here..."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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