Anna Wintour's Go-To Lunch Order Is A Real Piece Of Work

by Guest of A Guest · May 12, 2022

    Let them eat... steak?

    While Amy Odell's new unauthorized biography of Anna Wintour is definitely low on juicy secrets, there is one detail that's got readers in a serious tizzy.

    As revealed in Anna: The Biography, ever since Condé Nast moved its offices from Times Square (bleh) to One World Trade Center (double bleh), her go-to lunch (ordered, secured and served by her assistant, obviously) has been a Caprese Salad... with no tomatoes... and a side of steak from The Palm.

    So, to lay that out for you, a plate of mozzarella cheese, a few sprigs of basil, and a big old hunk of steak.

    Like, every day she eats this! Cheese and a slab of meat!

    1. To order a Caprese Salad sans tomatoes is some real high horse shit right there.

    2. And that's not even the craziest bit. Apparently, this lunch costs $77!

    3. Do you even think she eats more than like four bites?!

    4. Cue Anna Hathaway throwing an untouched tray into the office sink.

    [Photo via Masterclass]