Sonja Morgan Accidentally Invited A Thousand People To Her House...

by Christie Grimm · October 26, 2017

    Well, settle in, cause this one's pretty funny.

    As reported by Page Six, the hard-hitting journalism that it is, it appears Miss Morgan got herself into a bit of a social situation this week. Looking to host a little cocktail get together at her home for a close group of about 30 friends who were in town visiting from Europe, Paperless Post, the dreadfully complicated business that it is, got the best of the reality star. 

    “All of a sudden it says, ‘580 sent, 720 sent, 960 sent.’ My friend called in two minutes and said, ‘Shall I come over? Are you hyperventilating?’ ”

    Yes, somehow, some way, Sonja sent out her cocktail party invite to a thousand people - everyone from her kids teachers to the staff at her parking garage. An episode plot line of RHONY if ever we've heard one. Because you so know that even though no one was actually invited, one of her costars wasn't accidentally invited, and there will be white wine to throw and hell to raise.

    So, set to have a huge house party the likes of which the Upper East Side has never seen, Sonja emailed a response explaining the snafu, and politely asking that people not come.

    Complications aside, in true Sonja Morgan fashion, the party must go on. Only now, including one additional name to the original guest list - that of a friend who formerly served in the FBI. That's right, she hired a bouncer on the off chance hoards arrived at her townhouse, insistent on joining the shindig. A slight overreaction one might say since only three uninvited people showed up.

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