Getting Silky at the Asia Society With A Private Club

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · September 24, 2008

    Serena Merriman, Justin Belmont, Victoria Thompson [Serena Merriman, Justin Belmont, and Victoria Thompson. Photos by PMc]

    NY Socials and art-lovers came together Monday night to celebrate the Asia Society’s new exhibit ‘Art and China’s Revolution’ at an intimate party hosted by APrivateClub, and sponsored by Shanghai Tang. The Host Committee included Adrianna Archer, Anastasia Rogers, Annabel Vartnanian, Ashley Wick, Bobby Kennedy III, Caitlin Kelly, Caroline Rowley, Carter Cramer, CeCe Barfield, Dalia Oberlander, Fort Parker, Franck Raharinos, Gavin Maxwell, Jessica Nagin, Julia Erdman, Justin Belmont, Kipton Cronkite, Kloe Korby, Laird Roach, Lauren Armstrong, Luigi Tadini, Marissa Bregman, Martin Dawson, Peter Davis, Robert Gilbane, Rochelle Goldberg, Samuel Pedersen, Serena Merriman, and Stephanie Wei.

    Darci OberlanderAaron Eckhart, Ashley Wickannabel vartanianianannabel vartanianian

    Guests including Batman's Aaron Eckart, Antonia Thompson with big sis Victoria, and Nina Freundenberger enjoyed dim sum and cocktails in the garden. Peter Davis showed up when the party was in full swing, and quipped “I thought this was going to be a staid uptown art party but it’s a DISCO!” The guests danced to DJ Lilia de Gregory’s chic beats, with several still mingling in the upstairs galleries checking out the exhibit when the doors were finally closed.

    Dalia Oberlander, Luigi Tadini, Marisa Bregman Dalia Oberlander, Luigi Tadini, Marisa Bregman

    Antonia Thompson Antonia Thompson

    Chris Brady, Stephanie Wei Stephanie Wei and Chris Brady

    Nina Freudenberger, Serena Merriman, Anastasia Rogers Nina Freudenberger, Serena Merriman, and Anastasia Rogers

    Caitlin Kelly, Annie Atkinson Caitlin Kelly, Annie Atkinson