ICYMI: Joe Biden's Niece Scammed $110,000 Worth Of High-End Wellness Products

by Stephanie Maida · July 26, 2018

    Things have really gone downhill for the Biden family since Joe left office.

    Not only is the former VP's granddaughter rubbing elbows with *gasp* Tiffany Trump, his niece has apparently been running around the West Village with a stolen credit card and a penchant for drug store beauty.

    Um, what?

    Caroline Biden, the wild child daughter of financier James Biden Sr. (Joe's bro), was pretty much let off the hook today in court when she took a plea deal that allows her to avoid jail time on a felony conviction for a $110,000 credit card scam. Weirdly enough, the NYC socialite wasn't charging up a storm at Saks or Barneys or the 11 Howard hotel à la fellow grifter Anna Delvey. Instead, she was dropping hundreds per purchase on "high-end" goods from the 180-year-old C.O. Bigelow, a vintage apothecary and, OK, admittedly chic little drug store boasting both prescription refills and its own line of beauty products, from shampoo and salve to body lotion and lip balm.

    Considering most of their signature items cost less than 20 bucks, the astronomical tab is certainly a head-scratcher.

    Then again, this isn't the first time 31-year-old Caroline has acted out. Back in 2013, the police were called to her luxe Tribeca pad when she went on a violent rampage after fighting with a roommate over unpaid rent. She was arrested for taking a swing...at a COP.

    But, hey, people grow up and learn from their mistakes, right? According to the New York Post, Caroline expressed remorse during today's hearing at Manhattan Criminal Court, telling the judge, "I not only acknowledge my conduct and take responsibility but deeply regret the harm caused. I can assure you that I have made amends, full restitution, completed community service and that nothing like this will ever happen again."

    We're glad she's turning over a new leaf, but imagine all the shenanigans she and Delvey could have gotten up to on Rikers. "Orange Is The New Little Black Dress," anyone?

    [Photo via Twitter]