Picking At PMC

by Rachelle Hruska · July 3, 2008

    eric spearPaul McCabe, Jenny Ulving, NYC SocietyKipton Crokite, Serena Nikkah, NYC SocietyLisa Anastos, NYC Society

    For today's Picking at PMC, I went straight to NY Social Diary and what do you know? One of gofg's very own was the profile for The Young Patrons Circle of American Friends of the Louvre's (AFL) inaugural New York benefit, Soirée au Louvre.

    More than 200 gathered last week at Escape for the event which Eric wrote about for us here. Now...on to my top pics:

    Eric Spear: Looking handsome as ever.  This guy is like a golden god, with his think blond hair and radient skin, I keep telling him he should be in show business.  I love the details in his button down white shirt.

    Paul McCabe and Jenny Ulving: Paul McCabe is a good friend, and one of the best art dealers around.  I first met him randomly when he joined our table at the Waverly one night, and, after some pinot and mac 'n cheese, I knew that I had found my future go-to for all things art.  The guy carries his smile as his finest accessory always, well, make that his second: his fiance Jenny is an absolutely stunning compliment.

    Kipton Crokite and Serena Nikkah: Kipton looks fabulous as always.  I have honestly never seen him have an "off" day.  The two of them look great together in this photo, effortless chic.  I also love Serena's outfit.  The belt choice looks great with the dress and it's a perfect pick for summer and for this event.

    Lisa Anastos: Okay so the dress may be a bit much (especially for this time of year), but who cares, Lisa is having fun and looks great wearing it.  Her smile says it all: be comfortable in what you're wearing and nothing else will matter.

    [American Friends Of The Louvre Event]