Picking At PMC

by Rachelle Hruska · September 3, 2008

    rufus wainwrightOlivia Sterns and Jason AlexanderStacy EngmanHugh Grant [Photos by Patrick McMullan]

    Rufus Wainwright: "The Greatest Songwriter of our time" looked more like the greatest dresser of our time at his own "Last Song Of The Summer Concert" at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center.

    Olivia Sterns and Jason Alexander: At same concert. With their bright summer colors, these two look like yummy eye candy.

    Stacy Engman: I love her style.  Not only does she have the requite summer concert headband, but she added the one glove to complete the look.

    Hugh Grant: At Evian's "A taste of polo" in Watermill.  If you thought Polo was over, think again.  The real fun looks like it's just beginning...if I knew William Thacker from Notting Hill was going to really go all English on us this weekend I may have actually showed up on the fields for a Saturday.

    [Rufus Wainwright Gives Us The Last Song Of Summer]