Picking At PMC

by Rachelle Hruska · June 23, 2008

    kenny kenny at the Feather GameHaideman, Aguuiar, Mcdonald at The Feather GameFrazier, Long at the Feather Game

    It looks like I missed out on one of the best parties of the year. My picks from PMC today all come from the same event: “The Feather Game”. It was the sixth solo exhibition of artist Hunt Slonem at Marlborough Gallery. It's a good day for me when Kenny Kenny shows up on PMC.

    Kenny Kenny: He really stepped things up for this event, bringing out the face makeup, the hair, and the gloves.

    Mark Haldeman, James Aguuiar, and Patrick McDonald: Because from head to toe, this dapper trio didn't cut any corners this night.

    Montgomery Frazier and Sandy Long: With her neon green hat and orange shoes, Sandy's feisty personality comes across without even seeing her in real life. Plus, very few could pull off an outfit that loud without looking ridiculous, I think it is fitting on her.