Rachel Roy On Today's Rachel Ray Show

by Rachelle Hruska · February 3, 2010

    Rachel Roy, Rachel RayRachel Roy is on Rachel Ray today (cute). Cooking up some Chocolate Ganache and talking about, what else, how confusing it is to live in the same city as each other! It's like soooo confusing you know?  Oh, we know....

    Says the Rachel RAy site:

    Rachel RAy's thoughts on the name game: Rachael doesn't mind being mistaken, as she often is, for the tall fashion designer who is her near namesake, Rachel Roy! "I especially love this designer because whenever I buy something that she's made it already has my initials on it!" Rachael says.

    Rachel ROy's thoughts on the name game: Apparently the fashion designer has found their similarity has some benefits, too: "We both live in New York, and when I make dinner reservations they are so disappointed when I show up and not you!" Rachel jokes. "You know, I could clarify it for them over the phone, but why? I would rather have the better table!"

    Rachel RAy is getting better table service than Rachel ROy? WACKY!

    Alas, check out designer Rachel Roy, along with her friend Isaac Mizrahi on today's show. Or, just follow along on their Twitters. Both Rachel's are prolific Tweeters.