Socialite Jacqueline Kent Cooke Uses Designer Purse As Assault Weapon

by Stephanie Maida · January 4, 2018

    Sure it sounds like some crazy Bond chick plot, but this story is actually pretty horrifying.

    Today in Socialites Behaving Badly news, millionaire NFL heiress and New York social scenester Jacqueline Kent Cooke (up on the left there) has been charged with assault after a gruesome incident on New Year's Eve, which involved her attacking a man with a $300 Lulu Guinness mirrored perspex clutch. Ouch.

    It all went down at Upper East Side eatery Caravaggio, when the daughter of the former Washington Redskins owner allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks at a 77-year-old woman in the coat check line. "Hurry up, Jew, I got places to be!" Cooke reportedly snapped.

    The woman's son, lawyer Matthew Haberkorn, then confronted her on the sidewalk, apparently prompting her to wack him in the head with her glass purse. Video of the debacle, taken by the victim's daughter, shows Cooke falling down after taking a swing, clearly wasted. Mr. Haberkorn ended up with a bloody head and Ms. Cooke ended up getting arrested on Wednesday. Shouldn't she know not to mess with a freakin' lawyer?

    Word is still out on how the (albeit adorable) clutch is doing.

    [Photo via Lulu Guinness]