Nicky Hilton Finally Owns A Full Length Mirror & It's The Chicest Of Them All

by Christie Grimm · February 25, 2021

    As far as socialites, tastemakers, fashion muses and lifestyle icons go, it really doesn't get much chicer than Nicky Hilton. 

    After modeling her cozy kitchen for Bathsheva's Fall 2021 collection, the designer blonde is now showing off her home's stylish new statement piece.

    "I have been searching for the perfect full length mirror for years now. I don't own one." 

    I don't know about you, but I am shook that Nicky's been putting together her looks for all of these years sans full length mirror. Poor girl has been flying blind as to whether or not her shoes really work or not!

    Luckily, Nicky has at long last found her mirror match with a piece from Fleur Home's limited-edition collaboration with artist Riley Sheehey. 

    "I love how unconventional it is in shape and size. The mirror is more like a piece of art."

    Exclusively available to shop at Over The Moon, the line of looking glass show stoppers includes five mirror styles, each featuring Sheehey's whimsical, hand-painted botanical illustrations. 

    Seriously - swoon much?

    Copy Nicky and snag your own Jaipur Print Mirror.

    Or be her mini-me on a smaller scale with this annoyingly lovely Vanity Mirror version.

    Just when you thought staring at your face for hours couldn't get any more exciting!