Sydney Sadick Chats Styling Her New NYC Apartment, Closet Storage Hacks & More!

by Christie Grimm · November 12, 2021

    Slowly but surely New York is returning to normal. All of our favorite restaurants have opened up, nightlife is popping, museums and Broadway shows are bustling, and Sydney Sadick is officially back in town!

    After a COVID hiatus, the ultimate NYC girl is back with a stylish new apartment in a new neighborhood with lots of fabulous things on the horizon!

    How excited are you to be back in the city?
    Honestly, ecstatic. I moved to the Hamptons for nearly two years with my mom and brother. While I felt very fortunate to be in a safe environment, it was rough for my soul: I couldn't go into television studios or host in-person events anymore; I didn't see any of my friends for the first year; I stopped traveling—I finally went on my first plane in October 2021. Dating was non-existent. And above all, I wasn't living in the city that I've called home since I was born, which has always been such a creative and inspiring backdrop for me. 

    Now, the city feels vibrant and exciting again, and I couldn't be more happier to have moved into my new apartment, which is what I look at as my very own Carrie Bradshaw apartment. It is literally my happy place.

    Which neighborhood did you decide to call home?
    I chose NoMad. Having lived on the Upper East Side for over two decades, I wanted a neighborhood that was in between my former home, and also convenient to Soho and the West Village. I can easily walk to both ends of the city, but I truly love how many great restaurants and food options are in my neighborhood, especially since I'm not exactly a chef—although I've started cooking! 

    What were the biggest items on your dream apartment checklist?
    To be honest, I only had two: it needed to be a new, modern building—mine was built in 2007—and on a low floor (I know, opposite of most people). I don't think the "dream" apartment in NYC exists—you end up compromising on some level. 

    I knew that whatever one-bedroom apartment I found, I would find a way to make it feel like mine. Thanks to the help of my mom [Amy Kamin], who essentially served as my interior decorator partner-in-crime, we were able to make it happen.

    How would you describe your interior style?
    It has a very modern, colorful, glam, and pop-art vibe. I wanted neutral basics with pops of fun through statement accents and artwork. Everytime I walk through the door, I smile—it's a happy apartment.

    You've such a fabulous closet - is it always so organized?
    It stays organized until it's time to pack for a trip or if I really can't figure out what to wear and am trying on too many options!!! But truth be told, getting my closet together was hands-down the most challenging part of getting this apartment set up. I get a ton of clothes and accessories sent to me regularly from brands, which I'm thankful for, but I also have my own extensive wardrobe. My closet here currently just holds my current-season pieces. Spring/Summer is out in the Hamptons because it simply won't fit!! 

    My mom did an incredible job at getting it organized. She really knows how to maximize a space. Little touches like lucite hangers helped keep things together. Lots of closet organization companies inspired me to use a nail polish rack for my sunglasses and belts. When you're a fashion lover, you can always use more closet space, but it's working for now.

    Have any apartment storage hacks for fellow fashionistas?
    Use the space underneath your bed; display your jewelry in lucite boxes so you can actually see it; buy hanging shoe holders to put on the inside door of your closet; purchase adhesive shelving for your skincare, buy a rolling vanity bar cart for your makeup; and fold your jeans instead of hanging them—hanging takes up way too much room!

    Best housewarming gift?
    I've never received so many flowers! It's a classic gift that always makes me happy and I have them all around my apartment. 

    Where were your favorite places to shop for furniture and decor?
    Jonathan Adler was definitely my favorite. I eyed my "Globo Console Table" for months before I even knew what apartment I'd be moving into. I fell in love with it. My couch pillows are also by Jonathan. 

    I also found Z-Gallerie to have great staple pieces, like my couch, dining room table and lamps. I think interior decorating is like personal styling in that it's not about how much money you're spending but rather how you piece everything together.

    How long have you been collecting all of your amazing art pieces?
    I've always been an art lover and have attended Art Basel since college. My mom's been collecting art my whole life and has an extensive collection. One of my favorite personal pieces is my photograph of Bill Cunningham, which I've had for a couple of years and saved for my apartment. It's particularly special because it was photographed by Andy Warhol. I won it at a Christie's auction. I keep the coffee table book "Open Studio" by my friend Sharon Hurowitz underneath the photograph as she was Cunningham's long-time muse, always featured in his section in the NY Times. 

    Another new piece of art is the "Pink Days" painting by Louise Bourgeois, a French-American artist. Pink is one of my favorite colors, and I play the piano, so the combo of the pink days phrase and music notes felt fitting for my home. My bathroom is home to two of my favorite Grey Malin photographs of the Beverly Hills Hotel, where I typically stay when I'm in LA. The rest of my art is from local galleries on the UES and LA.

    Are you more of a cook-it-yourself or delivery kind of girl?
    Definitely a delivery kind of a girl. I grew up with a mom who cooked for me my whole life—I was spoiled! I live around great restaurants and most nights by the time it gets to dinner time, I don't want to have to think. Nevertheless I'm a big snacker so I have every cookie and chip imaginable stocked up in the pantry (Oreos are my favorite)! Plus lots of gourmet chocolate that I order from around the country—not kidding. 

    I did cook the other night for the first time though! I made a veggie burger and it was delicious. When I posted it on Instagram my followers got so excited because they've never seen me do it before!  I made a deal with myself that I will cook once a week... stay tuned!

    What's your favorite part of Manhattan living?
    The spontaneity of not knowing where you'll end up and who you'll meet.

    What's your least favorite?
    The amount of elevators you have to take. Elevators are my least favorite thing in the world.

    What are you most excited for next?
    Continuing my Lunchtime with Sydney show from my new pad; having some friends and family over to enjoy it with; heading to Palm Beach for the holidays—can't wait to be back!!—and some fun surprises in between! 

    [Photos by Caroline Fiss]