The Insane Story Of A Con Artist Faux Heiress Who Stole Tens Of Thousands

by Stephanie Maida · April 16, 2018

    Looks like somebody's read our "How To Pretend To Be A Rich A**hole" article rather closely.

    Anyone who runs in the cosmopolitan circles of New York has encountered someone like "Anna Delvey" - inexplicably wealthy, overwhelmingly ostentatious, mysteriously...well, mysterious. Always living out of suitcases but somehow managing to indulge in five-star dinners and designer shopping sprees. Knows everyone but is known by no one. Pretty but creepy. Vague European accent.

    A new, fascinating story by Vanity Fair's Rachel DeLoache Williams outlines the disastrous consequences of actually befriending one of these faux fancy social climbers. In short, it will probably lead to luxury Moroccan vacations, the disappearance of $62,000, and involvement in an international grand larceny case.

    The tale is a must-read and a warning: keep your friends close and keep anyone you meet over bottle service at a club very, very far.

    [Photo by Lelia Milaya via Reshot]