The Royal Ronsons

by Rachelle Hruska · August 12, 2008

    the ronsonsthe ronsonsthe ronsons [All photos by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton for Harper's Bazaar]

    Sometimes the real story is better than anything fiction could come up with.  You can't make up the Ronsons. Not even if your name is Wes Anderson...though the absurdities and eccentric natures of his The Royal Tenenbaums comes close, both the products of "an unusual upbringing and artistic environment."

    In case you're lost, quickly; coolest mommy of the decade, Ann Dexter-Jones married Laurence Ronson (British real estate heir and band manager).  They brought Mark, Charlotte, and Samantha (twins) into the world. Mark, 32, is a hot shot music producer, most recently known for creating Amy WinehouseCharlotte does fashion, and Samantha is a popular NY DJ (and dating Lindsay Lohan).

    the ronsonsAnn Dexter-Jones later went on to marry Mick Jones of Foreigner.  She had two more children; Annabelle, 21 who goes to Bard and is an aspiring actress serving as Charlotte's top model, and Alexander, 23, who is content at just being "hip".

    This Ronson-Jones bunch certaintly forms a family, though they are much more interesting than the Brady's.  These kids grew up with

    "the elder Ronson drinking Johnny Walker and playing chess with Daryl Hall at 8:00 a.m., when they were leaving for school. And sure, Al Pacino has come over for Christmas lunch....People say that David Bowie and Andy Warhol would pop over for tea," says Mark. "If they did, I wish I had known."

    Playing 3 degrees of separation in this town and there is no doubt that you will come across one of the Ronson/Dexter-Jones.  They have both individually and collectively made their mark on our island.