Where In The World Is Tiffany Trump?

by Stephanie Maida · January 5, 2022

    Alright fine, while we don't particularly care, curiosity, as they say, killed the GofG editor.

    Yes, we know that no one is exactly losing sleep wondering about the whereabouts of our disgraced former president's youngest daughter, but we couldn't help but notice that in the midst of her older siblings' subpoena scandal, and really, since her dad left office, Tiffany Trump has gone off the grid - quite literally, if we're talking in terms of social media. 

    The 28-year-old, who once really leaned into the whole "Rich Kid of Instagram" thing, has only shared a handful of photos since announcing her engagement to Michael Boulos last January and hasn't posted on the platform at all since August. IRL, her last major public appearance was at that mess of a "Trump Pride" rally (where she fumbled over the letters LGBTQ) in October 2020. 

    So where, oh where, has Little Miss Trump been all this time?

    Well, like her father and siblings, she's apparently relocated to Florida - Miami to be exact - with her husband-to-be, but she's hardly been staying put. Thanks to some proof-of-life photos posted by both her fiancé and her mother, Marla Maples, we know that Tiff has traveled to Mexico, celebrated her birthday in New York, and spent the summer in Greece, where she and Boulos had reportedly been scouting wedding locations.

    It appears that she recently spent the holidays with her mom and the Boulos crew rather than the MAGA side of her family (who can blame her?), and finally, this week, we've gotten some much-needed confirmation that she rang in the new year as luxuriously as ever with a ski trip to Courchevel, France.

    Well, phew, that's one part of the mystery solved. Now who can help us figure out her Finsta?

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