Despite countless think pieces writing off millennials as "broke" and "lazy," those who flock to New York City are markedly young, hungry, and, apparently, very horny. And if they're looking for untethered access (in the most literal of terms) to the most successful of their peers, they're not just joining Raya or The Wing. Indeed, NSFW (New Society for Wellness), takes things far beyond mere elbow-rubbing.

The Williamsburg-based members-only society has been dubbed the "Soho House of sex clubs," a description that's really not too far-off. Boasting 700 carefully selected members (who meet high standards of both attractiveness and social media presence), NSFW caters to the kinky and creative elite, and it's quickly becoming one of the city's most coveted clubs.

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[Photo by Rodrigo Lizarraga via NSFW]