Alec Baldwin And Meryl Streep Attend Premiere Of Their "It's Complicated"

by Chiara Atik · December 10, 2009

    One of the nicest things about Meryl Streep is that she seems genuinely pleased to be at all of her movie premieres, even though she has, like, ten a month. Last night was no exception, when she joined Rita Wilson and Alexandra Wentworth at the premiere of "It's Complicated" at the Paris Theater.Meryl's gracious and humble attitude is an especially refreshing change from the scowling, "better than this" attitudes of the young Twilight stars, who, by the way, will be lucky to get to a point where they've attended as many premieres as Meryl.

    Alec Baldwin also seemed to be in cheery spirits, with date Nicole Seidel on his arm. Hopefully this will be the film that changes his, in his own words, "complete failure" of a film career. Baldwin had good reason to be cheery: both co-star Tina Fey and brother Stephen Baldwin came to the premiere to support him.

    Other attendees included John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Steve Martin (Who also co-stars in the movie), George Stephanopoulus, Gayle King, Matthew Settle, Lake Bell, Hunter Parrish, and Zoe Kazan. But no Bob Balaban!

    Meryl Streep                                          Alec Baldwin, Nicole Seidel

    Rita Wilson, Steve Martin                        Tina Fey

    John Krasinski, Emily Blunt

    Alexandra Lebenthal George Stephanopoulus                   Gayle King

    Hunter Parrish                                           Nancy Meyers

    Alec Baldwin, Nicole Seidel, Jeff Zucker

    Lake Bell                                                        Matthew Settle

    Stephen Baldwin                             Zoe Kazan

    [Images via Getty].