"Friday Night Was The Single Best Night I've Seen In Clubbing In Five Years Or More."

by Rachelle Hruska · February 17, 2009

    Which NYC nightlife fixture stated the following about last Friday night's parties?  Answer below...

    It was Uncle Steve Lewis of course, and you should all go over to his "Goodnight Mr. Lewis" on Blackbook's site to get the full article which includes paragraphs like this:

    "I see fabulous people dressing creatively and a new generation of non drug-crazed club kids. There is a new vibrancy in music as hip-hop mash-up DJs bring in electro and other genres, adjusting to the public’s needs for positive re-enforcement from music programming. There is no club czar like Peter Gatien controlling the scene, sucking it into his monopoly. The new scene is spread out, chill, and comes together in hundreds of small, vibrant venues as well as late-night restaurants and a big club or two."