"I Bet Your Dad Is Just As Unique As Terry...Maybe He Can Juggle Chainsaws And Bowling Balls. Maybe He Can Play The Piano Like Liberace Or Sink A Putt Like Tiger Wood's."

by THERESA WON · June 3, 2009

    Which NY creative director/prominent window dresser offered some insight into the different ways fathers are unique, in honor of an upcoming holiday tailor-made just for dads?  Click below for the answer...

    [Photo by Joe Gaffney] It was Simon Noonan on the Barney's website, offering gift ideas for all of our beloved dads out there, and sharing what made his own father so special.  He said, "Everybody's father is unique.  My dad, Terry Doonan, was a total one off, a mass of contradictions...He rode around like Steve McQueen on a german motorscooter called a Bella, but he was also great with a needle and thread.  When my sister and I were born he made our baby clothes.  I bet your dad is just as unique as Terry...maybe he can juggle chainsaws and bowling balls.  Maybe he can play the piano like Liberace or sink a putt like Tiger Wood's."