"I Don't Speak About That. I Have Someone New In My Life. Everything's Fine."

by Sandro Mairata · December 14, 2010

    Which famous designer was keeping mum about his ex last night? Click below to find out....

    When we spoke to Marc Jacobs at DavidBartonGym's 10th Annual Toy Drive, we asked about the current status of his relationship with Lorenzo Martone.

    I don’t speak about that," he said. "I have someone new in my life. Everything’s fine.”

    Whoever that mysterious person may be must like Jacobs's sexy ads for Bang, his new fragrance. But isn't it cold to pose nude at those shoots in this cold weather?

    Warmth comes from the inside," he said, "so there’s no need to feel cold. If you like what you see, you go and get my products.”

    With some admirable pectorals in full display, David Barton was one man to spot. Though Susanne Bartsch and he recently announced their plans to divorce, he seemed in good spirits.

    “I’m so thankful for this night,” he said, perhaps grateful for the distraction factor. "My wife has done a great job. Everybody here has been amazing.”

    Barton seemed unwilling just yet to rid his references to Bartsch of their nuptial implications--continually using the word 'wife.'

    Around 11 p.m. the party was at its zenith. The crowd included a girl in white spandex scooting around in roller skates and three men walking around as live toys. Barton himself said he would be a G.I. Joe if he could turn into a toy.

    Some goth maniacs ready for some pleasure and pain filled the gym,  and mysterious drag queens Gaga-style under monikers as “Gazelle” ran wildly past Barton.