"I Forgot To Wear My Pants! It's Really Cold. I Should Have Really Worn Pants, But That's What We Get For Dressing Up When We're Drunk!"

by KENDRA SEAY · May 26, 2009

    Which always-dressed-to-perfection socialite said this during his Memorial Day trip to The Hamptons? Click below for answer...

    [Luigi Tadini with Julia Erdman]. Luigi Tadini, of course, who was ready for warm summer weather as he cruised through Social Life Magazine's private party at Montauk's Sole East in simple short shorts and hoodie. He might have been cold but his choice to choose style over comfort surely paid off. The Brazilian heir told The NY Observer:

    "I forgot to wear my pants today!" he announced. "It's really cold. I should have really worn pants, but that's what we get for dressing up when we're drunk!" (Mr. Tadini had had a few poolside cocktails earlier at a friend's house in Southampton.) I'll probably be out here every other weekend," said Mr. Tadini. "You RSVP to things, but sometimes you go and sometimes you don't. The Hamptons, in general, it's really what you make out of it. I do it like Brazil. When summer comes along, you just want to relax with your friends, eat nice grilled food, drink some Jose [Cuervo], and just enjoy." [The New York Observer]