"I Like It, It's Fun, But, You Know, The Crowd Is A Bit Too Yuppish For My Taste"

by Rachelle Hruska · February 24, 2009

    Which nightlife impresario had this to say about the latest hotspot they spun at, and what spot were they talking about?  Find out after the jump....

    Nightlife fixture and designer Steve Lewis!  Steve was talking about the crowd at Southside, where he DJ'd last sunday night.

    Over a phone coversation Monday, Steve let me know what he's been up to (dating, designing, and DJ'ing).  He assured me that there's "Nothing wrong with the crowd, just not the downtown crowd I'm used to, they don't seem to have as much heart." Though he also said it was surprisingly mixed well racially.  Gotta love Uncle Steve!

    In other news: It's been well over the "few week" time-period that Bar Martignetti set for completing the upstairs renovation (the place shuttered it's walls on January 28th).  Word on the street is, not much has happened.