"I Mean, I Liked STK And Butter, Too, Before They Were Full Of Freshman."

by Rachelle Hruska · June 24, 2009

    You can probably guess which show this quote came from last night. But let's play the game anyway. Who is too old for Butter? Answer below...

    That's right, it's NYC Prep's Jesse who is one of the main characters in Bravo's latest reality show based around the lives of Manhattan's privileged prep school students.  Most people we talked to hated watching this on TV (though my bet is they'll be back for more next week).  But what are the, you know professionals, saying?

    Gawker's Richard Lawon [Gawker's take]

    NY Mag weighs in [NY Mag]

    But what about a REAL expert. Read GofG's own Ariel Moses, a Manhattan prep school graduate herself weigh in on the show [Ariel tells it like it is]