"I Sat At Home. Throwing Up. With Diarrhea. For Three Weeks. Because Of You."

by Rachelle Hruska · June 17, 2009

    Who in the world would blame someone for this? Answer below...

    It was the Real Housewife of New Jersey's Danielle, who was blaming other cast memeber Dina for her bodily troubles.  Guys, this show was RIDIC.  Last night was the first time I've ever tuned in, mainly because it's the only way I can feel up-to-date with the banter in the GofG offices.  So I tuned in (knowing the show would be playing on repeat the entire night) late last night in the MIDDLE of Danielle saying this.  Like first thing I saw when show came on.  This is what Television is like these days? My god I've been missing out. I sat through the show (obviously) and hit rewind on my DVR to see it all again.