"If They Never Speak To Me Again, I Don't Care F*ck, Thank You"

by Rachelle Hruska · January 8, 2009

    A British curmudgeon said this about WHICH fellow Mustique resident and socialite? Find out after the jump (video)...


    Caroline Waxler over at clusterstock found some classic footage (accompanied with a detailed account) from a 2000 BBC Documentary about the island politics of Mustique.  Loyal readers will of course know of Mustique's now most infamous resident and socialite, Walter Noel, man about town, Madoff salesman extraordinaire, and Mustique co-op board member.

    The co-op board was founded by resident Colin Tennant.  Tennant had to later sell his stake and leave the board because of financial troubles, but had begun to invest some $200,000 in building tents to rent out, which the board managed to veto, irking Tennant to no end.

    The dry prototypical British shit-talking towards Noel and company is a must see, but just in case we decided to transcribe it below:

    WN: "Hi. Well good morning." CT: "Excuse me we are not having any visitors here, whatever please." WN: "Oh, oh, we can't come to see you now? CT: "No, certainly not." WN: "I'll shoo them away [family]." CT: "Shoo them [Noels] off.  Come on, no really you can't, come on.  What on earth do you think you're doing?  Come on, so sorry, off you go.  Please go" WN: "Ok another time." CT: "come on, what an extraordinary thing to do."

    CT to Narrator: "Typical.  No the way to behave. They Dream of going to this cocktail party tonight.  These people are worms.  They're terrible snobs, those people.  They're frightfully badly behaved snobs.

    If they never speak to me again, I don't care f*@k, Thank you.  You saw these people who barged in here. well it's totally rude.  I would never dream of going into somebody's, barging into somebody's home.  This is supposed to be my home without an appointment and for instance asking them what they were doing when they were  rehanging the drapes in their sitting room.  That's what happened.

    I see it's impossible to live here. It's impossible to be here with poeple on the board like that, who are so insentive, so smug, and come in and interfere with your life in every possible way. They've got not right to do that.  I couldn't be more relieved to get out.  They'll be in your bedroom behind the parting curtain before you know it watching you wash."