Quote Of The Day: "In God We Trust, Everyone Else Bring Data"

by Chelsea Burcz · February 2, 2012

    Which famous New Yorker known for balancing budgets recently stated this piece of advice in an interview? Check it out after the jump...

    On Tory Burch's blog, Michael Bloomberg is profiled as the quintessential New Yorker, and says the best piece of advice he's ever received was:

    "In God we trust, everyone else bring data."

    Other solid quotes:

    It's a city [New York] of dreamers - and it's the most diverse, energetic, and creative city in the world...where anything is possible.

    The best way to give back is to...

    Give now. Don't wait. Bounce the check to the undertaker.

    The soundtrack to my life is...

    "New York, New York."

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