"Julia Roberts downs a lot of carbs and has an epiphany. There, we've saved you twelve bucks."

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · August 24, 2010

    America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts hasn't hit it gold with her newest movie Eat, Pray, Love. Based on Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir chronicling her travels post mid life crisis and divorce, it's somewhat of a sad little movie that even Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem's hotness can't salvage. NYMag's movie reviewer David Edelstein lays it down.

    In the golden turd that is Eat Pray Love, everyone helps Julia Roberts find herself so she can then experience true love.

    The Italian abbondanza eating scenes are edited like Riunite commercials, the food so obviously “styled” that it kills the piggy fun.

    [Photo via NYMAG]