"My Baby Is A Billionaire! She's The Heiress Of Johnson And Johnson. We Are Going To Make Love Tonight For Our Honeymoon."

by Chiara Atik · December 10, 2009

    Oh god. We hope these two will be...reasonably happy for however long their relationship lasts. (We're thinking another week or so?) Who is the lucky pair? Click below to find out...Tila Tequila and Casey Johnson are engaged, at least so they're claiming, even though Casey Johnson just broke up with Courtenay Semel last week. According to the NY Post, security discovered pills in Johnson's purse, at which point Tequila yelled out "She's diabetic, she needs her meds!" Ha! Also, loving the visible fake eyelash glue in the picture at left. Anyway, many years of happiness to you both!