"Of Course I'm Going To Sue Them...But I Don't Care About The Money."

by Chiara Atik · January 11, 2010

    Do you EVER believe people when they say this? Anyway. A troubled starlet is getting sued. Who is it and why? Find out below...

    Lindsay Lohan's car hit a photographer early on Sunday morning, and now said photographer is hopping mad. He told TMZ:

    "I want to press charges so badly ... she's going to jail."

    Now I don't usually take Lindsay's side on...anything, but for some reason, I'm pretty unsympathetic to the driver. It sucks that he got hit with a car, but if you've ever seen a TMZ video, you know that paparazzi aren't really ones for getting out of the way of a car with a celebrity in it.

    The details on the accident are still pretty murky, but her driver is now under investigation for...criminal assault with a deadly weapon? Wait, is a BMW a deadly weapon?

    The driver hurt his hand, but was NOT taken to the hospital. So he might be more of a big baby than a big victim, and jumping on Lindsay's scandal ridden back is easy, as she's been in the papers quite a bit as of late. Not a great start to her New Year's resolution...

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