"People Really Have Come To Believe That I Started In This Because I Wanted To Be A Celebrity. But That Was Never My Intention. I Wanted To Be A Movie Star. But Movie Stars Are Not What They Used To Be."

by MELLISSA SEECHARAN · July 6, 2009

    Which supposed reformed wild child with an A-list name but C-list roles became an actor for the, um, craft and NOT for the fame? Find out after the jump

    Lindsay Lohan It's our favorite Mean Girl, Lindsay Lohan. In a recent Q&A with Interview magazine, Lohan talked about her career, her fame, and her future with actresss Lauren Hutton. Lohan's recent movie, Labor Pains, couldn't make it to the big screen, instead debuting on the cable channel ABC Family. Until she lands another starring role, she can been scene cavorting around LA and fighting with kinda, sorta, maybe girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.