"Take A Mushroom. It's A Beautiful Vegetable. Look At It Under A Microscope And It's Awful."

by Rachelle Hruska · May 6, 2009

    Which reality TV star claimed that people are only seeing the minutiae of their life-under a microscope? Answer below...

    It was Simon van Kempen to NY Mag at last night's Real Housewife of New York finale party at Hudson Terrace. Go here from our gallery of the "Friends Helping Friends Benefit" highlighted on the show last night.

    Read more on the interview:

    Simon: A show captures a little bit of our life. I use this analogy: Take a mushroom. it's a beautiful vegetable. Look at it under a microscope and it's awful. People see our lives — the minutiae of our lives — under a microscope. Alex: It's about one percent of it. NEW YORK: What parts don't we see? Simon: When we do boring things like read the newspaper. Alex: When we have fights over potato chips. NEW YORK: How much do you change before the camera? Simon: Nothing. Season one we did in the interest of dramatic television. Alex: Season two we realized that the viewers were incredibly invested in being able to believe that everything was real. So we went out of our way to do what, at least what we could control, was genuine for us. Now it's more difficult with our boys because they're so little, they can't suspend disbelief. When there are twenty people around wearing body mikes and there's a boom — a 3 and a 5-year-old can't understand that they're supposed to act normally. But as far as the adults, we worked hard to try to make it genuine. NEW YORK: So how do you feel about being called Silex? Simon: Season one we hated it because it was used in the derogatory sense. We have shirts coming out next week where we play on Silex, so we've embraced it. Season one we had a bad rap, partly self-induced, partly because of the way they showed us in the show, and when we heard Silex we didn't like it. Now it's a term of endearment. NEW YORK: Are there tensions between the wives other than the ones we see? Alex: Absolutely. We're one big dysfunctional family. Simon: Everything you see on the camera [in] season two is the absolute gospel truth. The thing with Ramona and I, we share a shared experience. We all get beaten up. People hate her, people hate me. So when she gets attacked, I sympathize for her. It creates camaraderie. NEW YORK: Yeah, but on the show, with the exception of the obvious tensions, everyone seems to get along pretty well. Is that accurate? Alex: Sometimes we have dust-ups where we're screaming at each other or not talking, other times we're one big happy family. Simon: That being said, we don't see Ramona except for press events or filming. I'll never go out of my way socially to mix with her off-camera. Jill and Bobby we see all the time. NEW YORK: What about Bethenny? Simon: It depends on how big her head is this week. NEW YORK: So will there be resolution, closure, and tears in the final episode they're about to show? Alex: No. But there will be drama, there will be fights, there will be laughter, and there will be dancing. Simon: And Ramona and I have alien sex. [We watched the episode; it's true.]