"That's The Only Reason You Want Me To Have A Kid! So That I Won't Be Able To Be On The Show 'Cause I'll Be Fat With A Baby."

by guestofaguest · August 17, 2009

    Geez, some people have such big problems don't they? Which leading lady will do whatever it takes to have a reality show? Answer below...

    [Trouble in Tinseltown. Photo via PMc] It was the Tinz herself, last year of course, though this quote was included in the steamy expose, "Tinz & Tops in Tears" in NYMag this week.  It's a must read for anyone that cares about any of this NYC UES socialite bullshit.

    The quick version: Tinsley wants a divorce so she can marry her new prince boyfriend and continue on with her plans to take over the world. Topper is devastated. Order must be restored in NYC social land.

    Read it in a voice similar to that of the aristocratic characters at the table during the dining room scene in Titanic!