"The First Thing I Saw When I Came To New York Was A Man Leaning Up Against A Wall, Shittin. Perfect! I Was Never Scared In Chicago. Here Your Fear Was Sitting Right In Front Of You."

by Rachelle Hruska · April 17, 2009

    What famous New York success story does this quote below to? Answer below...

    It's Amy Sedaris in NY Mag's "Waking up to New York." She continues, "But I loved it. I started waitressing at Marion’s, and then got a job at Gourmet Garage. My brother David and I would go to Balducci’s and look at their prepared food and then go home and try to make that. We shopped at Western Beef all the time. Waitressing was always fun. I like to wait on people, I like to work around food, I like to make cash, and I like to hear people complain."