"The Problem With New York Is People That Think That Transcendent Genius Is Caged In Their Mind, A Few Sentences Away From Lucratively Leaping To The Public Sphere."

by Rachelle Hruska · March 24, 2009

    Youch! With book deals sprouting up as quick as blogs these days, who said this in reference to a certain specific new book deal on our radar today? Answer below....

    It was Gawker commenter "ADismalScience" in response to the new's that the ex editor Choire Sicha will be publishing a book on the 20-something New Yorker trying to make it.

    Here's the rest of his rant:

    10:44 AM

    The problem with New York is people that think that transcendent genius is caged in their mind, a few sentences away from lucratively leaping to the public sphere. It's a generation of people who truly believe that they have something world-altering to say, when really it's just the same 70's bong-water bullshit soaking our collective socks. Work hard or leave, and no, buying a MacBook and launching a blog doesn't count as working. Get a job, shut up, and be someone's bitch for 30 years like our parents had to. Or don't, and try not to act so surprised when you aren't one of the lucky 3 or 4 who actually pull that whole wealthy fameball savant thing off.