"This Is What Keith McNally Does To Those Who Begrudge Him Curses On His Reservations Systems: Gives Them A Good Enough Meal To Lose Or Forget The Grounds On Which Some Kind Of Complaint Had Originated From."

by Rachelle Hruska · July 16, 2009

    Which NYC character spent a recent trip to Minetta Tavern and documented the experience for all of us to smile over? Answer below...

    It was Foster Kamer, in his piece for BlackBook Magazine titled "Are Restaurants the New Nightlife? An Existential Evening at Minetta Tavern?

    You may remember Foster from a little squabble we had a couple weeks back. (No? No interest in the idiosyncrasies of the crazy cats in media?) Anywho, I really did enjoy this:

    "It somehow turned into an ordeal, as McNally passed by me, and we both said hello. I’m not sure what was said, exactly—he told me I’d done well to order the bone marrow. I think, while I intended to tell him how much I enjoyed the salad, I actually deciding complimenting him on a salad in a place devoted to steak would be trite, and that saying something about the steak would be cliché, and saying something nice about the tartare would be a lie, so I think I spat out something like “I enjoyed the ice cubes. And the drinks. The drinks are fantastic.” He asked me if I had any trouble getting in, though, I think I absolutely lied and told him “no.” This is what the harsh soft-light of Minetta will do to you ... I felt weak-kneed, and full. This is what Keith McNally does to those who begrudge him curses on his reservations systems: gives them a good enough meal to lose or forget the grounds on which some kind of complaint had originated from."

    Also, Restaurants are so the new nightclub (or maybe we are all just growing up?)