"wasn't lookin, but randy orton has da sexiest white man butt ive seen next 2 steve nash"

by EVAN MULVIHILL · July 28, 2009

    What "quotacious" celeb tweeter let his 1,700,000+ followers in on the fact that he appreciates Caucasian wrestler Randy Orton\'s gluteal region a bit more than that of fellow basketballer Steve Nash? (No homo.)

    That would be the one and only Shaquille O\'Neal, who goes by THE_REAL_SHAQ on Twitter. Who knows of any New Yorkers with sexier white man butts than Shaq\'s picks? Here\'s a video of Randy Orton\'s undies being pulled down for comparison\'s sake:

    At press time, no photos of Steve Nash\'s backside were in existence.